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Hello! I am a teacher by profession, but also a DIY enthusiast and eco-friendly adventurer in my spare time. It turns out that I enjoy writing as well, so you can follow me on my journey here:
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Leaky noses

My most recent realization is that we go through sooo many tissues, especially now that it is winter and your nose tends to run whether you’re sick or not.

So I started thinking. Old school handkerchiefs could work, but my experience has been that you blow your nose once and the entire thing is soaking wet.

It really crossed my mind because of a Facebook ad for this Kickstarter, The Reusable Tissue Pack. This seemed a little over the top, having to keep track of all the used tissues. Upon further investigation I found The Hanky Book. I plan to buy or make one of my own at some point, but I’m still skeptical about whether the rest of the book will stay dry after one use. I found a few more on Etsy, but they weren’t finished as nicely as The Hanky Books.

Have you said goodbye to single use tissues? What do you use instead?

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