Free Things!

I recently came across someone’s blog about the Buy Nothing Project (unfortunately I don’t remember who). I was immediately interested and then almost immediately disappointed that there isn’t a project located in Lithuania. Not to be discouraged, I looked into starting one here, but I wasn’t quite ready to invest the time necessary (It could still happen in the future).

Then I found a local Facebook group called “Free your stuff LT / Atiduotuvė Vilnius“. Not only is this a great way to acquire new things, it is easy to post your own thing that you no longer want. This was incredibly convenient for us as we recently moved apartments and found a few items that had been thrown in a closet and forgotten about. We passed on a bookshelf that we had acquired and also freed a manual meat grinder since we got an electric one. While we have yet to get something from the group, I definitely have kept my eye on it for a few specific items.

Those things that you might normally throw away could be someone else’s treasure! The next time you plan to throw something out, find a group to pass it on to someone else. I’ve seen several posts of old school folders, papers bags, glass jars, wood scraps, etc. and they all seem to be claimed fairly quickly. All you have to do is take a picture, give a short description and your location and it’s up to the person who wants it to transport the item. While most of the posts are in Lithuanian, the photos as well as Facebook’s translations help a lot.

Is there a Buy Nothing Project in your area? Do you have another method of sharing unwanted items with your community?