This week’s discoveries

In light of the fact that I simply haven’t finished a blog yet, here are some random discoveries from this week.

  • This OatSide the Box Vegan ice cream is delicious! Even my husband preferred it to the rhubarb sorbet that I made this week. There are two other flavors, mango and raspberry that we intend to also try out.

  • Remember that business card from Nematomi Vandenyne? I finally planted it last week and there are a few sprouts sticking their heads out of the soil! Growing plants is always so exciting (until I forget about them and kill them that is).

  • I’m searching for more natural deodorant recommendations. I have bright red armpits now from the Natural deodorant that I was so excited about not to long ago. I’m considering trying out Nuud, Biork, or making my own. Really I should probably go to a dermatologist and find out what I’m allergic to, but I don’t think that’s a possibility yet. So, any recommendations?