Bubble Tea!

One of the exciting realization of moving to Vilnius was the discovery of the bubble tea shop, Formosa.

Recently, they have made a few changes for good! Sadly, these changes are not all still in place due to the measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The first thing they did was charge a 20 cent fee for the plastic cup which you could return to get your 20 cents back! They would then recycle those cups to use again.

They also changed their plastic lids and straws to paper ones. You can also buy a giant reusable metal straw, if you drink enough bubble tea to make it worth the purchase. All these changes make a delicious treat guilt free in more ways than one!

My favorite combo: peach tea with mango jellies

Hopefully this virus gets under control soon and we can go back to reusing and recycling more things!

What are your favorite shops with plastic free measures in place?