Becoming plastic-less

We all know we’re supposed to be using less plastic, right? The fact that you’re reading this blog tells me you already know that. But here’s the thing about switching to more sustainable things: unless you’re young and just starting out in life, you already have a bunch of plastic stuff. What do you do with all of that?


If you already have it, and throwing it away would probably do more harm to the environment, why not just keep using it? Tossing it out would simply add to the mess we were trying to avoid anyway.

Sure, you’d love to switch to using only glass or metal water bottles, but what do you do with that cool plastic one you got from doing that 5k seven years ago? Hang onto it; keep filling it up until it doesn’t do its job anymore. Then, retire it.

Items like toothbrushes and other cleaning supplies that get used and replaced far more often, on the other hand—that’s the place to begin our plastic-less journey. That’s actually a large part of what this blog is for: finding and sharing alternatives for when the things we already own are ready to be replaced.

So really, for those of us already actually living our lives, the practicality of a suddenly plastic-free home would be quite wasteful, not to mention a little bit ridiculous. That’s why my husband and I strive to have a plastic-less­ home. We know we can’t eliminate plastics all at once, so we replace them with more sustainable options as we need to, and try to minimize single-use plastics along the way.

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